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King City High School

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In the KCHS choir students earn credits in the Performing Arts department while learning skills that develop much more than just their singing voices. They learn how to read music, an art which has been demonstrated to improve the mind’s ability to follow directions and make quick decisions. They learn how to be part of a team, how to blend their voices and support each other in their efforts. They must learn self-discipline while rehearsing the notes and memorizing the lyrics to the songs. They also must be educated and polite, attentive and able to follow directions.
At the beginning or the year, students perform modern songs with their favorite artists on Kareoke Fridays. Like public speaking, it takes some courage to get up in front of your peers. The choir class gives students this opportunity. Students can also show their creativity by inventing their own songs, lyrics, raps, or even choreography.
The choir class performs choral music toward the end of each semester at the KCHS Music Department concert together with the bands. They sometimes also perform in other venues and go on field trips. This year the choir was invited to sing at the Trees of Life Showcase of Holiday Music in the Robert Stanton Auditorium. They also were invited on the Italian Club's field trip to see the opera "Don Giovanni" in San Francisco.
During the second semester students will work on their singing voices, including expanding their range, supporting their tone with proper breathing techniques, and improving their diction. Mrs. Airapetyan is also hoping to host an exchange with an experienced high school or junior college choir.
The final project for choir members involves creating a movie that illustrates the meaning of a song. Students will spend time in a computer lab learning Microsoft "Movie Maker" and using it to create videos featuring their favorite songs.