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Student Bulletin

Student Bulletin

Thursday, December 13, 2018 

Students, if you arrive late after the first bell, you must now show ID coming through the late gate.  

Cellphones/clothing attire violations, 1st offense 30 minute detention to receive the phone, second offense 60 min detention and parent pick up, 3rd violation it will be ours until the last day of school (continuous) 

Attention students who go off campus: Reminder, your ID cards must be shown when you leave and return to campus. Students who go off campus for lunch, if you are not back before the first bell rings, you will lose your off-campus privilege immediately.  (Baltazar continuous)  

After school detention now runs Monday through Friday in portable 100  

Attention all students, need to clear any tardies/unexcused absences? Need help with your homework? Just remember that tutoring is available after school every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the library. Additionally, Gear-Up has tutoring available for all students every Wednesday after school in room 184. Any questions, please stop by room 121. (Martinez, continuous) 

Attention all KCHS students: your Mustang Legacy Journalism team posts updates and important announcements for sports, clubs, ETS, spirit weeks, cheer, etc. ...on Instagram. Follow @kingcityjournalism to stay connected!  

Students if you have not yet picked up your school pictures, please stop by the front office during lunch or after school. (Gama 12/14)  

Attention Seniors, interested in free money for school? Stop by room 121 and pick up a scholarship packet. Each scholarship has a different deadline so make sure you pick one up as soon as possible! (Martinez 12/14) 

For juniors and seniors eligible to take a Hartnell class, if you want to continue with Spanish at the college level, GEAR UP will purchase the costly textbook and access code for the first ten students who complete the Concurrent Enrollment paperwork and apply online, to take Spanish 2 in the Spring at Hartnell King City Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. See Gear Up in room 184 to get started! (Norberg, 12/12) 

I will now turn it over to your first period teacher…