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Dress Code

What articles of clothing or accessories are NOT ALLOWED?

Clothing or accessories which signify gang affiliation such as, but not limited to:
  1. Athletic clothing (unless it is the official clothing of your particular SMCJUHSD school).
  2. More than one red or one blue item worn at the same time.
  3. Hats (unless they are the official hat of your SMCJUHSD administration).
  4. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, or drawings which signify gang affiliation, including crowns, “Nor Cal,” Nor Cal Star, “South Pole,” ECHO, CALI, KILLA, Bob Marley, SCARFACE, Bay Area, any area code, or with phrases such as “In memory of…,” “In loving memory of,” RIP, or “Rest in peace.”
  5. Clothing or accessories with references to alcohol, tobacco, violence, or anything profane or obscene.
  6. Punched out belt buckles.
  7. Items substituting the number 3 for letter B, or substituting the number 4 for letter A.
  8. Altering backpack logo with colors associated with gang affiliation or drugs.
Wallet chains or chains of any kind.

Any clothing that is too loose or too small, that exposes any portion of the undergarments or that are too revealing.

See-through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, skirts or shorts which are shorter than mid-thigh, or anything that would expose the bare midriff.

Pajamas, sleepers, or blankets.

Head coverings worn indoors, including hats, jacket and sweatshirt hoods, beanies, hairnets, etc.

Students not following the dress code will be asked to change inappropriate clothing, or they may be sent home to change.

School personnel will confiscate all prohibited or inappropriate items, and consequences will follow. Typically, on the first offense, the confiscated item is returned to the student at the end of the school day at the discipline office. On subsequent offenses, confiscated items will be returned to the student’s parent or guardian only. Repeated offenses may result in suspension. All unclaimed, confiscated items will be discarded after twenty (20) school days. Unclaimed items confiscated during the last twenty days of school must be claimed by June 30, or they will be discarded.