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Student Parking

Student Parking
  1. Students may park only in the designated student parking lot.
  2. The School/District is not liable for any stolen, lost, or damaged cars or property. Students and parents assume the risk of parking on campus.
  3. The parking lots are off limits except before school, and after school. Students are not allowed in the student parking lot during school hours unless they have received a pass from the Attendance Office, the Principal or his designee.
  4. Students may not park in the staff or visitor parking areas in the front of the school.
  5. The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph. Excessive speed, reckless driving, or exhibition of speed may result in a citation from the local Police Department.
  6. Students who violate these rules may lose their parking privilege. Cars parked in violation of these rules may be towed at the owner’s expense.