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King City High School

Sports Update

The state released information on sports and the guidelines in which student-athletes may participate.  At this time, we are awaiting to hear from CCS as well as our PCAL league members to see what each district and school will be able to offer.  

 We had already planned to have cohorts resuming Monday, February 22nd, however at this time, the coaches and Athletic Department have decided to wait until the new state mandated date of February 26th and, until we receive further direction from our Section, League, and District. See the new start dates for each specific sport we will offer at this time:

 Swim - Friday, February 26th

 Softball - Friday, February 26th

 Track - March 1st

 Baseball - March 1st or March 2nd

 Coaches for the sports above will be reaching out and sending messages for their specific sport. 

 Students who wish to participate in any sports should go onto the King City High School website ( or follow this link to register and sign up for athletics:

 For any questions or help with registration please contact me through Microsoft Teams Chat and I can assist you, we will also be offering some dates where you can register online in the library with assistance which will be released in the near future.  

 At this time, we appreciate your patience as we are still awaiting further instruction regarding student participation and sport specific guidance along with mandated testing for some sports such as Football and Soccer. 

 King City High School Athletics thanks you for your patience as we continue to share more information with you as we receive it, and please make sure to get registered for athletics! Thank you!